Rapid Recovery

Refrigerant recovery, R-22 buyback programs, and more ways to save your company money when it comes to refrigerant.

Cylinder Service

Rapid Recovery provides on-site cylinder service. We come to you, test your refrigerant, recover it from your cylinders, and provide you with industry leading EPA documentation.

Jobsite Recovery

Our jobsite refrigerant recovery service means you get high speed refrigerant recovery, EPA certified technicians, industry leading EPA documentation and peace of mind knowing the job was done right.

Refrigerant Delivery

By using us for refrigerant recoveries, you secure your future supply. The more we recover, the more we can provide back to our recovery customers. In the same way we recover a full range of refrigerants, we also deliver them to your jobsite.

Nation's Leading Refrigerant Abatement Company

Rapid Recovery provides refrigerant recovery services for the HVAC, refrigeration, demolition, and marine industries. Projects range in size from single residential split systems to chilling systems operating on tens of thousands of pounds, to projects with thousands of units. Our franchise partners are dedicated to high-speed EPA compliant refrigerant abatement as a value added service to their customers.