Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan at Camp David in November 1986.

The Montreal Protocol, a Little Treaty That Could

Here is a remarkable fact about global warming: It might be twice as bad right now were it not for a treaty negotiated by a conservative American president, for an entirely different purpose, based on motives no one has ever quite understood. That treaty is known, in shorthand, as the Montreal Protocol. Its formal purpose […]

Mario J. Molina

Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Sounds Alarm on Climate

Early in his career, a scientist named Mario J. Molina was pulled into seemingly obscure research about strange chemicals being spewed into the atmosphere. Within a year, he had helped discover a global environmental emergency, work that would ultimately win a Nobel Prize. Now, at 70, Dr. Molina is trying to awaken the public to […]

Future of Reclaim?

As a charter member of the reclamation community we are often asked the question by the EPA, industry insiders, publications and environmental groups “where do you see the future of reclaim?” Reclamation hinges on only one thing: RECOVERY. Everytime the wrong question is asked, we take the opportunity to point back to the real question, […]