Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts Boston, Massachusetts

Make your life easier and more efficient with our refrigerant delivery.

Best in Boston – Refrigerant Recovery and Refrigerant Delivery

Rapid Recovery is the nation’s leading refrigerant abatement company. We are dedicated to providing high-speed, EPA compliant refrigerant recovery, along with the highest level of customer service, and attention to detail–whether that is a job walk, a cylinder service at your shop, or a large-scale jobsite project – we are here to get you to what you do best. Don’t have your technicians waiting around on slow recoveries. We are here to save you time and money.

Boston has long been a leader in the green movement – and that is not just because of the Green Monster! Rapid Recovery aims to not only meet these expectations, but to exceed them. This is possible with our unparalleled, custom, high speed, gas powered AHRI certified equipment for every refrigerant recovery job. Not only does our equipment significantly outperform the industry standard “buzz box,” saving you valuable time, we also provide you with the documentation required by the EPA. You receive this documentation on-site, from our technician, after the job is completed, documentation in the form of an invoice, as well as year end documentation detailing all recoveries performed by us for you for the entire year. Our process is built for speed, efficiency, and to safeguard you from an EPA compliance standpoint.

Boston is a diverse area with a broad spectrum of industries. Rapid Recovery’s services are applicable to HVAC companies, commercial chillers, demolition sites, hospitals and medical centers, transfer stations and landfills, colleges and universities, and marine industries, among many others.

So let us do what we do best, so we can get you to what you do best.