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How many times have you saved up your refrigerant in a large cylinder at your shop, then shipped the refrigerant to a reclaimer thinking that you were going to get a large amount of money based on the high prices they advertise for refrigerant buyback, only to be sent an apology letter stating that they tested your refrigerant and it was mixed, the amount of refrigerant is reduced because of oil or moisture, or just not pure enough to get top dollar from them? Suddenly your perceived profit is now not worth the labor costs you incurred to have your tech transfer refrigerant from smaller cylinders into the larger cylinder, or worse you now have to pay money because the reclaimer charges for mixed refrigerant. You’re fuming mad because you suspect the reclaimer you sent your refrigerant to is not being truthful about their test results and you have no way to rebut.

Hopefully this hasn’t happened to you, but we hear this scenario all too often. At Rapid Recovery, we’ve created a buyback program that is simple. We test the refrigerant on-site before we recover it. We let you know what type of refrigerant you have and how much credit we will offer you for it right then and there. After we recover the refrigerant, we document where it came from, how many pounds of refrigerant were recovered and the refrigerant type. If the refrigerant type and purity qualifies as one that we offer a credit for, you get that credit applied to the current job and the remaining credit can be applied to future refrigerant recovery jobs, or you can call our office and we will send you a check for the remaining credit balance. If we are recovering mixed refrigerant, we charge a flat rate of $3.00 per pound.

By simplifying the refrigerant recovery and buyback process, you benefit in all of these ways:

  • Speed: Our recovery process is typically 10x faster than standard refrigerant recovery equipment available on the market.
  • Labor: We can recover the refrigerant from your smaller cylinders at your shop, eliminating the labor cost of having to recover the refrigerant a second time into one large cylinder. We also provide job-site recovery, so your tech doesn’t have to recover any refrigerant. This will save labor costs because our recovery process is so much faster than the time it would take your tech to recover the refrigerant.
  • Immediate Credit To You: Credit at your job-site for any qualifying refrigerant. No reductions for oil and moisture. The credit indicated on your invoice, is the credit you receive.
  • Liability Reduction: We are responsible for every pound of refrigerant removed and provide you with industry leading EPA documentation for every recovery. This will prove to the EPA that you practice lawful refrigerant recovery, in the event you are audited by the EPA.

Our service is so superior and our buyback program is so easy, other companies just can’t compete.

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  • High Speed Recovery Machines
  • Certified, Knowledgeable Technicians
  • EPA Compliant / AHRI Certified
  • No Job Too Small, No Job Too Large


  • Cylinder Service At Your Shop
  • All Refrigerant Types Accepted
  • Mixed and Blend Disposal
  • Prompt, Professional Service
  • Removal of Liability
  • Complete EPA Documentation
  • Reduced Equipment Maintenance