Fresno, California

Fresno, California Fresno, California

The Fresno area now has its first company dedicated to high speed refrigerant recovery.

Rapid Recovery’s unique gas powered recovery machines give your hard-working technicians back the time that they lose doing refrigerant recoveries themselves. Imagine all of your refrigerant recoveries being completed over 10x faster than before. Rapid Recovery of Fresno is committed to providing HVAC, mechanical and refrigeration contractors with an industry leading, EPA compliant refrigerant recovery process with unmatched speed, documentation, and value.

Our specialty is high speed refrigerant recovery on jobsites and cylinder service at your facility – both with complete EPA documentation provided by our full trained, EPA certified technicians. Now you can leverage our high speed recovery with on-site refrigerant delivery to make your jobs easier, save time and increase profit.

Rapid Recovery’s Fresno operation is operated by Patrick Arroyo who knows the market and area. All of our Field Service Technicians are EPA certified and extensively trained in high speed recovery, safety and professionalism. We serve the demolition, environmental, mechanical, HVAC and refrigeration markets. Got a Federal job or a job with the Air Force? We have you covered as we surpass their high requirements for process and documentation. With 300 feet of recovery hose on each truck, our customers know that we are the first call for hard-to-reach units.

From refrigerators to 3 ton split-systems to 50,000 ton chillers, racks and specialized units such as Leiberts, we can make your jobsite life easier.

Our ultimate goal is to simplify your jobsite while helping you to look like a hero with your customers.