Let Us Help With Your Demolition Plan

Want to keep your job-site EPA compliant and on schedule? Rapid Recovery understands the importance of providing our customers with properly documented refrigerant recovery while still making sure that the job gets finished on time.

  • +Inspection

    Often times the small items such as drinking fountains are overlooked when demolishing a building.  Our technicians take the time to walk the project and do a thorough inspection of the refrigerated items beforehand to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

  • +Compliance

    Every pound of refrigerant we recover is tracked to meet governmental regulations and documented for you by our EPA certified technicians.  We also apply a bright orange sticker on every piece of equipment that we recover refrigerant from, so there is no doubt each appliance was checked for refrigerant.

  • +Speed

    With AHRI certified, gas powered recovery machines, we have the ability to recover refrigerant at unseen speeds without the need for electricity on-site.  We help to keep your demolition plan on schedule.

  • +Nationwide

    Have a demolition project that spans multiple states across the country?  No problem.  Our franchise partners are located across the US and are ready to mobilized for large demolition projects.

Contact Rapid Recovery today to make sure the refrigerant recovery on your next project is taken care of and worry free.

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