Still Using That Buzz Box?

Tired of waiting on slow recoveries? Choose Rapid Recovery and make slow recoveries a thing of the past.

Some of the benefits you’ll realize:

  • +Faster Recoveries

    Rapid Recovery makes the refrigerant recovery process faster by utilizing our patented, gas powered recovery machines which are 10x faster than the more common electric machines. Stop using that outdated buzz box.

  • +Increased Profit

    When you’re not standing around waiting on a recovery, you can complete your repairs faster. When you complete repairs faster, you increase the volume of customers you can serve.

  • +Happy Customers

    The faster you get your customer’s a/c working again, the happier they’ll be. The faster you can change out that rack system so that valuable food doesn’t melt, the happier your customer will be. You get the idea…

Change the pace of your recoveries today by contacting us. Learn how we can help you achieve faster recoveries, increased profit and even more happy customers!

Choose the Experts

You guys are awesome, this is why I am happy to have you as part of our team. Your response  is great, your followup is even better and the professional reports we pass along to our customers just makes us all look good.

Thank you all again!

Kari deNevares

HiTech Air Power