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New York, New York New York, New York

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With services spanning from the iconic beaches of Coney Island to the hallowed walls of Yankee Stadium, Rapid Recovery New York is pleased to offer practical and economical solutions to all of its expanding customer base’s Refrigerant needs. Small and large HVAC and refrigeration contractors, homeowners, building managers, demolition contractors, refrigerant supply houses and nationally recognized mechanical contractors alike are all turning to Rapid Recovery to increase their profitability, decrease their administrative and EPA compliance burdens while participating in saving their environment one recovery at a time.

Whether it’s an army base in Staten Island, an office building in Manhattan or a mall in Queens, Rapid Recovery is pleased to offer outstanding and unmatched customer service at an affordable price. Using EPA certified and proprietary recovery equipment , Rapid Recovery’s EPA certified technicians have the capacity to recover refrigerant at a rate that far exceeds their customer’s experience and expectation. Saving time invariably is saving money, but the true value of partnering with Rapid Recovery isn’t necessarily completely quantifiable.

With extensive support from its national organizational structure, Rapid Recovery NY provides each of its customers with complete and accurate EPA documentation for every pound of refrigerant recovered. In these changing times, Rapid Recovery New York’s customers are facing ever increasing EPA scrutiny. They are finding continuing comfort in knowing that by using Rapid Recovery’s services they are not only fully compliant with the regulations of the Clean Air Act, but are protected and supported by Rapid Recovery’s attention to detail and diligent recordkeeping.
New York City is a challenging place to live and work. Rapid Recovery New York is prepared to meet the challenges so its customers don’t have to.