Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk, Virginia Norfolk, Virginia

Make your life easier and more efficient with our refrigerant delivery.

Best in Nofrolk– Refrigerant Recovery and Refrigerant Delivery

Rapid Recovery’s unique gasoline powered recovery machines can be viewed as time machines that give your hard-working technicians back the time that they lose doing refrigerant recoveries themselves. Imagine all of your refrigerant recoveries being completed over 10x faster than before, no more lugging tanks, hoses, cords and recovery machines! Simply pick up the phone and you’re done, Mike and his Team of specialists will take it from there.

Our specialty is high speed refrigerant recovery on job-sites and your shop or crane yard. We will even come by your facility on a regular schedule to empty your recovery cylinders. All services include detailed EPA documentation for every job and a Year End Report. This will keep the EPA our of your wallet and off your back. We can also ensure your future supply of R-22, R-11 and R-123 with our Reclaim & Return Service.

Our Field Service Technicians are EPA certified and extensively trained in high speed recovery, safety and professionalism. We serve demolition, environmental, mechanical, HVAC and refrigeration markets. Got a Federal job with NASA or any of our Military Installations? No Problem! We’ve got you covered as we surpass their high requirement for process and documentation. With 300 feet of recovery hose on each truck, our customers know that we are the first call for hard-to-reach units.

From refrigerators to 3 ton split systems to 50,000 ton chillers, grocery racks and specialized units such as Leibert or Data Air, we can make your job-site life easier and more profitable. We will perform all of your refrigerant recovery needs from Shenandoah Valley to the Beach and all points in between.