North California (NORCAL)

North California (NORCAL) North California (NORCAL)

Make your life easier and more efficient with our refrigerant delivery.

Serving the greater Bay Area, Rapid Recovery ensures local companies and businesses have the necessary tools to keep operating in a financially feasible and environmentally sound manner. As an environmental service company using high-speed, EPA certified proprietary equipment, Rapid Recovery allows its partners to save time and money because of its on-site refrigerant recovery services and detailed EPA paperwork.

Whether it’s working with an HVAC contractor to quickly recover a leaking chiller on a high-rise building in San Francisco, working with a mechanical contractor to recover refrigerant from a time-sensitive project at an ice rink in Oakland, or working with a demolition company on a Google building renovation project in San Jose or Silicon Valley, Rapid Recovery enables its customers to be content in knowing that their refrigerants were recovered and handled according to EPA guidelines. This high speed recovery allows our customers to save time, eliminates their headaches on the jobsite and reduce their concerns about the future availability of R-22.

Our projects have included recoveries at residences in Oakland, recoveries at the San Francisco and San Jose airports and recoveries at commercial buildings throughout the Bay Area, ranging in size from one pound up to tens of thousands of pounds, all the while allowing our customers and partners to not have the hassle, stress or financial burden of refrigerant recovery and its associated refrigerant handling.