Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona

Make your life easier and more efficient with our refrigerant delivery.

Rapid Recovery of Arizona utilizes the most innovative refrigeration recovery equipment developed in the last 10 years. With our mobile recovery units we service HVAC, Mechanical and Refrigeration contractors in the greater Phoenix area and from Yuma to Lake Havasu. Our truck mounted recovery equipment is 10x faster than any other equipment currently available. Utilizing Rapid Recovery to recover refrigerant from systems you are servicing allows you to re-purpose precious time for your technicians. This allows your technicians to spend their valuable time doing what they do best instead of standing around watching a “buzz box” slowly pull refrigerant out and drawing the system into the vacuum required by the EPA.

Rapid Recovery’s industry leading EPA documentation is provided on every unit we service. From home air conditioning units to large chillers down to the recovery of 30 and 50 lb tanks we provide you with documentation that meets the EPA’s requirements. With this valuable service we take on the liability of possible EPA imposed fines and penalties for not properly recovering and documenting the recovery of all refrigerants you are currently using us to handle.

Now you can leverage our high speed recovery with on-site refrigerant delivery to make your jobs easier, save time and increase profit.

Notable Phoenix Projects

28 Dual Circuit Liebert Units

Our Phoenix, Arizona refrigerant recovery team recovered 28 dual circuit Liebert units containing 60 lbs of R-22 per circuit. The units were recovered from the ground floor and the condenser was located on the second floor roof.

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