Pre-Demolition Refrigerant Recovery for DH Griffin

Pre-Demolition Refrigerant Recovery
Recovery Location
Houston, Texas

Rapid Recovery recovered refrigerant from rooftop units for DH Griffin before demolition of a building in Houston, Texas.

This project had 2 dual circuit chillers and 12 RTUs on 3 different rooftops. Most of the devices were on the roof of 6th floor.┬áThe building had no power, so there weren’t any lights or elevators. One of the RTUs was on a rooftop by itself with no access. We had to break a window with a pipe, and step out on a small roof with no barrier around the edge of the roof (tethered with a harness of course).

To add to the difficulty, it was very windy and rainy. We got soaked twice, and then a cold front came through. The Houston recovery crew showed up at the jobsite at 7 am and departed about 7 pm.

This was a cool job and one to be glad to have completed and add to our success story list.

Recovery Type
Jobsite Recovery

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