Refrigerant Purity

Our on-site testing and wide range of acceptable refrigerant purity ensure you receive full value for your refrigerant.

  • +Typical Refrigerant Purity

    We handle millions of pounds of refrigerant every year and we’ve discovered a shocking truth: the average refrigerant purity is 98.53%.

    We’re not talking about oil, moisture/water, non-condensables (air) or other contaminants. We’re talking about two or more refrigerants mixed together in your cylinder or system before we recover it!

  • +Acceptable Refrigerant Purity

    We offer our best buyback price on every pound we handle for you, all the way down to 97% purity.

    Our new customers tell us that most other companies only offer their top tier – best pricing on refrigerant that is 99.5% pure or better. Below 99.5% they significantly reduce the value of your asset.

    Don’t be fooled – get your full value out of every pound of your refrigerant.

  • +On-Site Testing

    We test every pound of refrigerant on-site before we remove it from your control. You can witness the test as it takes place and decide for yourself the future of your asset.

    You wouldn’t sell your car to someone in another state and wait until they find it acceptable before you were paid. Don’t sell your refrigerant that way either.

    Local, on-site, face to face relationships are the only way we do business – because it’s the only way you do business.

  • +Other Contaminants

    Recovered refrigerant almost always contains oil, moisture, acid (usually caused by burnout), particulate and other contaminants.

    When we buy your refrigerant through our buyback program our price covers all of it. We offer our best price for every pound of refrigerant – even if it has up to a 3% mixture with other refrigerants. We also don’t charge for normal oil content and we don’t reduce what we pay based oil found in your refrigerant – we buy or exchange every pound including the oil!

    The price we quote is the price paid – period. Don’t be tricked by a bait and switch price – get the deal you deserve every time.

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