Riverside, California

Riverside, California Riverside, California

The team at Rapid Recovery of Riverside with Mark Pearce at its helm provides services to all local businesses located within Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

Whether it’s working with an HVAC contractor to quickly recover a leaking chiller on a high-rise building, working with a mechanical contractor to recover refrigerant from a time-sensitive refrigeration project at a supermarket, or working with a demolition company on a building renovation project, no job is too big or small. We also offer cylinder service at your shop and on site recoveries from “white goods” at recycling centers. Rapid Recovery enables its customers to be content in knowing that their refrigerants were recovered and handled according to EPA guidelines. Our customers are “blown away” when they see our equipped trucks and the capabilities we have in recovering their refrigerant accurately in the shortest possible time, says Mark. As an environmental service company with our EPA licensed technicians and using high-speed, EPA-certified proprietary equipment, Rapid Recovery allows its partners to save time and money because of its fast speed on-site refrigerant recovery services and detailed EPA documentation. This adds great value to their businesses.

Now we can also ensure your future supply of R-22, R-11 and R-123 with our Reclaim and Return Service as more and more companies are signing up to take advantage of this offering. Call us for your next recovery job; you will be happy you did!  At Rapid Recovery of the Inland Empire, we are saving the planet one recovery at a time.