Sacramento, California

Sacramento, California Sacramento, California

Make your life easier and more efficient with our refrigerant delivery.

While serving the Capital City of Sacramento to the agricultural areas of the California Central Valley to the Reno/Tahoe region in Nevada, Rapid Recovery Sacramento ensures practical, economical solutions to the HVAC, mechanical, demolition and environmental industries. We strive to reduce the burden of refrigerant recovery and refrigerant documentation. Rapid Recovery’s high speed EPA certified recovery equipment allows technicians to get jobs done quicker and contractors to forget about their EPA refrigerant liability. We have performed recoveries at wineries, high-rise office buildings, military bases, agricultural processing plants, and cold storage facilities as well as at hundreds of commercial buildings throughout the Central Valley. Saving time invariably is saving money, but the true value of partnering with Rapid Recovery comes from the expert support from its national organizational structure. Rapid Recovery provides each of its customers with complete and accurate EPA documentation for every pound of refrigerant recovered. We love and support the businesses of Sacramento and the Central Valley. Partner with us and help your project go much more smoothly. Please give us a call at 916-995-9084 or email us at [email protected]