Cylinder Service

Are you still hauling your heavy cylinders off-site to be emptied? Did you know you don’t have to do this? Rapid Recovery provides On-Site Cylinder Service. We come to you, recover the refrigerant from your cylinders and provide you with important EPA documentation. Call your local Rapid Recovery location today to schedule service!

Jobsite Recovery

Tight deadline? Our EPA certified technicians along with our high speed, AHRI certified equipment brings speed and EPA compliance to every one of your jobsites. The experience of our technicians and the speed of our gas powered machines means refrigerant recovery on-site in a fraction of the time compared to standard, off the shelf equipment. After we complete the refrigerant recovery, we back it up with industry leading EPA documentation to eliminate your liability concerns.

Refrigerant Delivery

Want the refrigerant in the mechanical room when we come to do the recovery? Refrigerant delivered when and where you need it. Having us deliver your refrigerant not only improves your cash flow (with just-in-time inventory management), but also saves your technician time with less refrigerant coordination and delivery time. It’s all about efficiency. Get your recovered refrigerant back and keep your project on track.

Refrigerant Buyback

As a part of A-Gas, we can help provide you with complete lifecycle management of your refrigerant gases. We will buy your used and recovered refrigerant gases for top dollar. CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs – we will buy them all!

Not only does our equipment outperform the industry standard “buzz box”, saving you valuable time, we also provide you the documentation required by the EPA. You receive all necessary documentation on-site from the technician after the job is completed, documentation again in the form of an invoice, and year end documentation detailing all recoveries performed by us for you for the entire year. Rest assured that if documentation for a particular job is misplaced, replacement documentation is only a phone call away.

So what are you waiting for? Call now for a quote!

Our customers interested in the refrigerant recycling enjoy the lifecycle the refrigerant takes when utilizing all of our services. When we recover refrigerant from our customers’ shop or jobsite, that refrigerant is taken back to our reclaim facility in Rhome, TX. From there, the refrigerant is reclaimed (separated, cleaned, and brought back to AHRI 700 purity standards). The, now clean, refrigerant is put into disposables and packaged. Our customers then enjoy the fact that they can purchase refrigerant directly from us. We’re even delivering that refrigerant to them on-site* for more value and convenience!

Rapid Recovery is the nation’s leading refrigerant abatement company. We provide refrigerant recovery services for the HVAC, refrigeration, demolition, and marine industries. Projects range in size from single residential split systems to chilling systems operating on tens of thousands of pounds, to projects with thousands of units. Rapid Recovery’s franchise partners are dedicated to high-speed EPA compliant refrigerant abatement as a value added service to their customers.